How To Know When It’s Time To Replace Your Boat Propeller

The propeller on your boat is an extension of the engine that makes the vessel go. Each time you crank up your boat's engine, water begins to pass over and under the blades, gathering up the momentum necessary to push your boat through the sea. The extra burst of speed you get from this phenomenon can really increase the pleasure you feel when on your boat as the wind caresses your face. If you want to make sure you're always keenly aware of the state of your propeller, keep reading to learn more about a few signs pointing to the need for a boat propeller replacement.

Your Boat Vibrates More Than Usual

If you normally take your boat out into very deep waters, it's usually safe to say you don't run as big of a risk of your propeller striking something beneath the surface. There is a much wider distance to go before even possibly coming into contact with the bottom of the river, lake, or ocean you happen to be moving across. Conversely, if you tend to stick to shallow waters, you could mistakenly hit a rock or some other object simply because everything is much closer to the surface. When this happens, it's easy to overlook the occurrence, much like you probably would when landing in a pothole while driving. The issue is that the propeller is quite sensitive and something that seems so minute could be enough to cause such a big malfunction that your boat begins to vibrate and shake with much more force than it ever has in the past.

The Performance Is Decreasing

You should also pay attention to any changes in the way your boat performs. Do you find that you aren't able to achieve the top speeds you did before? Is it harder to get the forward momentum that used to be so commonplace? These are definitely warning signs that you should take heed to. Get your vehicle over to a certified boat repair specialist so they can inspect the propeller and check for cracks or other forms of damage that could be hindering the overall performance of the craft.

The propeller on your boat is a small but very, very important player in the overall scheme of things. When these signs show up, have your boat thoroughly evaluated so you can find out whether or not it's time for a new propeller immediately.

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